Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rounding Back on Group Texting

Its like this topic won't die, but I was at a friends apres-work b-day celebration and she was debating whether or not she should text her crush and nudge him to join our group. While he knew about the gathering it was already 8pm and happy hour time was running out. I advised her to fire off a simple text like "status?" I argued it was the most confident choice -- simple and strong. She said she didn't want to come off like she cared that much or that she was thinking of him when she was suppose to be saddling up for the mechanical bull. So between the 6+ ABSOLUT vodka-sodas consumed bewteen the two of us we devised a flawless plan....she would text him "hey we're all here, table on the left," an instructional message that would appear like a group text, but really only be sent to him. This gentle nudge worked perfectly. Within the half-hour he was online at the door texting her to "come get me." Brill. Honestly.


  1. I've heard that there is a new trend of people scheduling lunch "dates" through Outlook meeting requests. Have you heard about this phenomenon?

  2. all i have to say is "wow" -- i really need to read this on a more regular basis.

    i'm happy i could be a subject in one of your many blogs.

    i'm not going to comment on the END of your post. you were quite nice.

    i love you.