Techromance Lexicon

RomanTECH: adj; A romantic act that is enabled through technology; see also a hopeful romanTECH

E-dentity Crisis: n; A panic during your twenty something years that results when you realize you have to take down photos of yourself in risque Halloween costumes in order to get through a background check for a job; read about it here

TechBromance: n; A love affair between two straight men, fueled by frequent texts, BBMs and Gchats; read about it here

MILF (Mom I Like to Facebook): n; References the migration of moms to Facebook in 2009 and the resulting interactivity with them; read about it here

"E"-vil: adj; Wielding your digital power to commit evil acts online; read about it here

Computer HIStory: n; Refers to the online trail you find when you log into your boyfriends computer, the majority of which includes NSFW sites. read about it here

The Porn Ultimatum: n; The ultimatum you issue to your boyfriend after you find his XXX computer HIStory; read about it here

Great Textpectations: n; Heightened expectations induced from an evening of texting back and forth with a love interest which are more often than not unrealized because one of the parties winds up in another corner of the city or with a case of whiskey d*ck; read about it here

Digital "Posers": n; People more obsessed with capturing and uploading the right moment, than living in it; read about it here