Monday, August 4, 2008

From Bromance to Homance

Lately it seems like Bromance has been popping up faster than stories about Madonna's plastic surgery. Most recently I had an encounter of the man-kindness at Delicatessen.

Though catching googlie-eyed guy-on-guy action is massively entertaining I was starting to feel left out of the equation. That is untill my 15 year old nephew inadvertly coined a phrase while excluding me from a game of Madden. He told me that I was jealous of his boy-QT and that I needed to hang with my sisters and get some Homance. Too which I maturely scolded him: "silence man-boy," while simultaneously realizing that he had paved the way for a slew of phrases that would capture modern romance (and sometimes the lack there of...).

Enter dinner at Delicatessen (everything comes full circle). While observing the Bromance pictured above my gal-pals and I enjoyed a Homance of our own and came up with the following:

Fauxmance (when everyone thinks you're a great "match" with the person you're dating...except you)
Po'mance (when the guy you're dating doesn't pay)
Fromance (when you are dating someone with hair out of a Super Bad)
Shit Showmance (when you're dating someone and the only public activity you participate in together is binge drinking)
Lindsey Lomance (when you are dating someone for an emotional versus physical connection)
Blowmance (when you're dating someone but refuse to go all the way)

Anyone have more? Give it a go-mance. I'll stop now.


  1. Jesus, the past 15 years of my "dating" life have been summed up by words like Shit Showmance and Blowmance.

    Im not sure to be proud of that accomplishment or disturbed.

  2. im always being told the men i date are bad for me, by people who's lives are boring-er than boring. And then they foist these sweet little earnest boys on me, that wont ever stand a chance. hmm, so yeah, i totally get fauxmance.

  3. DON'T KNOW-Mance -getting caught up in someone before you really get to know them... liking the "idea" of them more than them...

  4. While sitting around my apartment, drinking Heinken from our new beertender, my very clever husband and I came up with a few good ones...

    When you don't really like someone, but they have all the good have to at least GIVE-IT-A-GOMANCE

    When your dating someone of the opposite sex, but you're really totally is a JUSTFORSHOW MANCE

    When you're at the bar and you really want to get home and do it, but the person you're macking on is still're in a SLOWMANCE

    When you're just not into them, but you're drunk at find yourself goin' back for MO' MANCE

    MY FAVORITE: When your cramps are awful, you have your period, and your partner's not getting any...he should no you're in a....FLOWMANCE

  5. What about Wo-Mance? It is when you and a girl-also-a-friend are hanging out a lot cause your bfs are bffs.

  6. In Toronto Canada, there is a commuter train operated by the Government of Ontario (GO Train) where it's said relationships are a Gomance or go-mance.

    Even better is when 2 people hook up in the washroom on board the train, they join the Corridor Club.

  7. LMAO!

    First Alanis Morisette and now this revelation. One more reason to love Canda. Thanks for the entertianing comment annonymous!

  8. Homance is the love between a Pimp and his Ho.