Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Very Public Display of Affection

As our social circles multiply online they give way to a very grand type of PDA. You know the one where your 400 plus friends read your Friday status update and know that you are “counting down till pookie gets here from LA”. Sure you want your cutie to see it, but it also doesn’t hurt that X BFs and GFs see that you are in a relationship so solid that someone would pay $400 to see you for a weekend.

But displaying your affection for someone digitally can also go horribly wrong. Recently a girlfriend of mine had a serious wake-up call—after being involved in a 5 month relationship she woke up at 6:00 am to a series of very public messages from her ex. That’s right, instead of being in her inbox they were displayed across her Facebook wall. The first booze induced message was a simple “hey sexy” but the next few evolved into messages like “where are you” and of course the most dramaTECH of all, “come back to me.” She quickly deleted the posts and prayed to the Facebook for blackberry gods for getting her these messages before her boyfriend had a chance to see them and jump to ill conclusions.

Whew, right? Well let these public displays of affection be a warning to all of us: A)Nothing good happens (on Facebook) after 2am and B) If you do want to write something off the wall to a romanTECH interest then let's well keep it off-the-wall.


  1. My poor cuz found his GF in bed with some promoter guy and posted the ENTIRE embarrassing story on his FB status... Needless to say even our family members found out, including hers... what a mess! Miss ya!