Friday, January 14, 2011

TechBromance: Fine Tune Your Geek Game

Posted by The Professional Wingman.

Let’s face it. Geeks are hot. There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around technology. Don’t believe me? Just ask my girlfriend. She found me on Twitter. And let’s face it guys, lady geeks are damn hot. Some of you may be asking, “What if I am too much of a geek?” Don’t worry, I’m here to not only help you let your geek flag fly, but to use technology to score with the ladies - and we’re not just talking about dating apps.

But first, let’s talk about your in-person game because, even if you have technology to help you out, you need to create the magic face-to-face. If you’re a guy who can’t get it together to talk to that hot girl across the room, here is something I want you to think about. Developing your social skills is like a video game. At the end of every level, you’ll have a boss to battle. The problem is, every time you think you beat the boss, you find out there’s another level and each time, it gets harder. This will always be your battle with women - and it’ll get harder. The cool thing is after every battle, you build up experience points. The higher your points go, the more able you’ll be to win the next battle. Life is a game and you need to embrace it and play to win.

The best way to handle your difficulties with women is to experience talking with them. The next time you see your princess, approach and talk to her. Let her know she caught your attention, so you had to introduce yourself. The more you do it, the more experience points you get. The easier it gets, the further you’ll go. Now, the question lies. Where can you find your princess?

If you’re a reader of this blog, chances are you have a smartphone. That means it probably has GPS-location abilities. The two combined makes for a powerful resource when it comes to finding where women are hanging out. Here are some examples and how you can best use applications you probably use everyday more effectively. If you don’t use them, get your hands on them now!

Foursquare combined with Assisted Serendipity. Foursquare is an amazing application that lets you see where other people are in your vicinity and gives tips for certain locations. It also lets you know what places are “trending,” meaning there’s a lot of people there. But wouldn’t it be cool to know if there are a lot of women there? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be amazing if you were told when the gender ratio “tips” in your favor? Welcome Assisted Serendipity. This web application will not only notify you by email when the ratio you set is met, but it will also show you at least 3 of the people who are there. Select up to 10 venues you enjoy going to and let them do the rest. This is definitely the easiest way to know where to go on any given night.

UrbanDaddy. When it comes to planning a night out or a date, you need a few ideas to get your brain going. I’ve always used this application to find great date spots for my girlfriend or to take her to another place (hence the title, “The Next Move”), but it’s also useful to find locations that are great for meeting women. Just choose from the many options and the app will give you a ton of possible locations. These locations come with map directions and a brief description of what to expect. Not bad as a last resort for figuring out your plans for the night.

SCVNGR is another great location-based application with a growing user base. But what makes SCVNGR special is the ability to create your own challenges for certain venues. If your buds knew they’ll get points towards a deal at a venue, they’ll be more motivated to interact with the ladies.

With all of the tech in our lives, it makes sense to embrace it and use it to get you...well, you know. Let your geek flag fly, boys.

*These apps are not meant to follow women around in a stalker-way, but to know where you should be going to better your chances to meet women.


  1. Love it!! I once read that one of the top elements of attraction was proximity. I love how these apps give you hotties at your finger tips. But of course, it's up to your in person game to take it further.

    Also: to UR Wingman's point: note to guys, don't ever tell a girl you landed there because you saw her on Foursquare!

  2. I Love too

  3. Good post Wingman. I think this speaks to a much larger issue though. One which most guys haven't figured out. The premise is simple. Whoever and whatever you are... Just be THAT! If you're a "geek" be a geek. The confidence that you'll exude being firm and steadfast with exactly who you are is what will carry you the rest of the way. Once the technology has put you into striking distance of course.

    I don't think anything turns women off more than watching a guy aimlessly try to play up a certain image or persona for the sake of impressing them. Now I am not saying that waxing intellectual about writing source code for a web site is going to make the ladies moist, but speaking clearly and passionately about something, regardless of what it is, will surely win you points and bring you one step closer to giving the "boss" a beatdown.

  4. Thanks for your comment anonymous. I recently went out with a group of singles and watched one of my adorably nerdy guy friend's try to play it cool. It was painful! Geeks are hot. If I didn't have a BF I would be all over Biz Stone.

  5. Great post! That Serendipity thing is a little creepy and awesome at the same time. :)