Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fugly Truth! A Dating Site for the Aesthetically Challenged

This week I have to give a techromance shout out to the Brits. First they brought us the dating website I Love Your Accent which we covered a few months back that matches Americans with hot Brits, Irishmen and Aussies -- now they bring us The Ugly Bug Ball (TUBB) -- a dating site that pairs the "aesthetically challenged."

In prep for the launch they even conducted a survey that proves the "ugly truth" on dating. My personal favorite "ah-ha" from the study: Ugly people try harder in bed. Did they fact check that with Philip Seymour Hoffman's wife? HA.

In any event, I think its incredibly romanTECH and well, ugly-sexy. I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone...directly. What do you all think?


  1. Can't wait to see the AD campaign for this site. Proving once again how much more progressive Europeans are than us Americans (except when it comes to dental care of course), the Brits have come full circle in the digital dating revolution. Do they reserve the right to turn people away who aren't "ugly" enough? "We're sorry, but after reviewing your picture and taking an inter-office poll, it's been determined that you should be able to get laid without us. Cheerio!" I suppose it is endearing that someone is willing to put themselves out there with the caveat that they don't fall into the societal definition of "attractive," but doesn't participation in a site like this also tell the world that you lack confidence in some respects? For as little as I know about women, the one truism is that regardless of how attractive, rich, or intelligent you might be, all the opposite sex really wants is for you to be confident and bold. Look at Adam Duritz for god's sake. They've got the bold part down I'll give them that, but this is akin to walking up to a girl and saying, "Hey I realize I am hideous, but so are you..." Something like that could only work on "Curb your Enthusiasm." Which if your stat is accurate Jewels must mean that Larry David is the new Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness.

  2. Anonymous you crack me up! My older and wiser sister had always said that when people date at their "levels" they have the highest success rate. I think she was on to something.

    I also think that gravitating to situations where we know we will be successful makes sense. A good girlfriend of mine who lives outside Manhattan refuses to come in and hang out if we are going to Meatpacking. I have deduced that it is because she never gets attention when we go out there. My solution: Take her to Tonic East in Murray Hill.

    Maybe by being among self proclaimed "uglies" they actually feel more attractive.

  3. I came across this a while ago and I am ashamed to say I spent quite a length of time on it....first I was amazed, then quickly frightened

  4. sorry for the delay femmefatal, but thanks for stopping by. yeah i probably killed like 2 hours on this site. sort of like a car accident, you sort of have to stare!

  5. How many timeshave I fapped to a fugly.