Monday, March 1, 2010

The Latest Online "Meet" Markets

I still recall dating a guy I met on Friendster a few years back and having him instruct me to tell his parents that we met through a mutual friend. I swear when they asked, I almost said "through a friendster" to make him feel uncomfortable. Luckily since then the stigma of online dating has disappeared like those free NYC condoms from an east village bar bathroom. Now singles can mingle in a variety of virtual "meet" markets and don't have to adhere to the randomosity of

I Love Your Accent is a global site that pairs Americans with foreign guys, specifically brits, in hopes of fulfilling their Gwenyth Paltrow/Chris Martin fantasy (apparently in a mid-drift baring shirt). I kind of love this idea but the site leaves me with one question -- is it really that hard to attract a British guy? JK.

Beautiful People is an online dating site that has gained a lot of buzz in the past few months by exclusively matching the most beautiful people on the web. Acoording to Gizmodo the site even purged 5K members post holiday who weren't meeting the looks criteria. Or maybe it was becausen't they couldn't perch on their tippy toes in a wife beater while levitating an apple.

The last is HowAboutWe, a dating site that matches couples based on their desire to do the same activities, that is soon to launch in NYC. Take this photo for example, "How about we wear a rainbow sweater from H&M and attempt a crossword puzzle in a Brooklyn cafe that serves fair trade coffee?"

Here's hoping for love at first (web)site.

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