Saturday, January 30, 2010

His Story Revealed in His Computer History

It's common knowledge that jumping into the history of your significant other's dating life can be dangerous. But do we ever think about jumping into the history left on their computer?

The other day one of my close girlfriends emailed me a link to a funny article about our college sorority Pi Phi. Apparently our sisters at the Cornell chapter leaked their rush handbook, warning members about muffin tops and reminding them that only Tory Burch flats were acceptable. Anyway before I even had the chance to laugh about it she followed up with a phone call. I was prepped to read the manual with her line by line reliving our own sorority rush nightmares but instead she had panic in her voice. Apparently she was using her boyfriend's computer and when she went to paste the article link into the body of the email a link posted to "College Girls Getting It." The scariest part was that she almost forwarded it because at first glance it kind of looked like the headline about the Cornell Pi Phis.

Apparently not only does her BF look at college girls having unrealistic sex (who does that in college?), but he was passing it on to friends. As she proceeded to his actual web history a wide variety of fetishes and shameful sites were revealed. As she told me the tale I googled stats on "normal guys who watch porn" to calm her down while thinking to myself this guys is a complete idiot. That was until I logged on to my netbook (which I frequently share with my BF) and in the history was a direct link to his ex's "Halloweird" Facebook photos that I was trolling. FML.

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