Thursday, April 3, 2008

Facebook is like a JCrew Catalog for Dating

I recently set up two single friends via Facebook and one week later they were making out during happy hour at a third avenue pub. As a digital yenta, I couldn't think of a prouder moment.

It all started when one of them came to my apartment after their work dinner in my neighborhood. After discussing their single status I suggested we browse thru my guy friends on Facebook to see who might be a fit. As we ploughed thru profiles and she commanded me to "Click on him and make the picture bigger" I suddenly felt like we were shopping for bikinis on If she liked what she saw we would check availability quickly eliminating ones that were "in a realtionship," or designated their status as "it's complicated" (translation: emotionally out-of-stock).

Finally, we landed on one of my friend's from college, who I enthusiastically endorsed. Tall, cute, athletic...he was just her style. And from their boozey smooch it sounds like we have a satisfied customer. Good thing, because I don't want to handle returns & exchanges.

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