Friday, March 4, 2011

Signs You're Dating Someone in Social Media

Inspired by a hilarious post at the Tumblr blog Ctrl+Alt+Adam titled how to know you're dating a Venture Capitalist, I decided to retort with a post on how to know you are dating someone that works in Social Media. Did I miss any?!

1. When they ask "what's your number?" they're referring to your Klout score not how many people you've slept with.

2. They want you to meet their Brooklyn friends first as part of their "influencer strategy."

3. Their last 3 relationships ended on twitter.

4. They roll their eyes because you didn't participate in Cheer Up Keanu Day last June.

5. They're too busy to call you during SXSW, yet not too busy to check in to different places every 11 minutes.

6. The abbreviation SoMe takes on a whole new meaning.


  1. When your date feels like it's dragging on, their exit strategy is to try and shorten it with rather than bailing due to family 'emergency' or ducking out of the bathroom window.

  2. MOSD, you rock my world. Your statement is soooo a sign of the times and incredibly prolific. I think social media has also changed our attention spans and patience when it comes to dating. I often see things in the offline world as if I were online. Recently I was with a guy friend in a bar and he was trying to get the balls to go talk to a girl. I told him to sack up and go "friend her." Too much, right?!