Thursday, October 14, 2010

OK Cupid: Stats in the City

OKCupid, you complete me. The way you crunch data is even hotter than that guy on Numb3rs that used to be on Northern Exposure.

This week OKTrends, a blog by OKCupid, revealed stats on straight sex vs gay sex with some interesting tidbits like gay and straight singles are equally slutty and apparently equally dishonest, since the median # of sexual partners for both was 6.

But even more interesting were wordle-esque maps that show phrases that over-index in profiles by gender and sexual orientation. Things that didn't surprise me: gay men have the best cultural taste and straight men talk more about the show Breaking Bad than they do about having a wife. Things that did surprise me: straight women thinking that listing strong relationships with their moms and best girlfriends would increase their chances of meeting a guy online. Judge for yourself!

Gay Men

Gay Women

Straight Men

Straight Women


  1. Funny timing on this post Jewels. A friend recently had this status update on FB: "She has over 1500 friends on Facebook... I should have probably worn a condom." Now obviously he was kidding (at least for his and his dick's sake I hope he was), but it did get me thinking. Is it fair to make assumptions about people's personalities or character traits based on something as trivial as a Facebook profile? My conclusion: Yes, it is. Now no one likes to be branded or labeled, but the reality is we ALL extrapolate specific conclusions about people based on their job, interests, and the company that they keep. These things don't necessarily define us, but they do influence who we are. Or we can at least assume that we're attracted to those things/ people because of our personalities. So here are some conclusions that I've come to based on general observations.

    If a girl has an inordinate number of friends on Facebook she either A) is under the age of 25; B) works in a profession where she's required to network (advertising, PR etc) or C) is a party girl (which may or may not mean that she gets around). This girl also typically has multiple profile pictures of herself in a bikini taken at Rehab or Wett Republic. If a girl mentions Jewel, Fiona Apple or any other artist from Lilith Fair she is the antithesis of a party girl. She wants you to know how smart and individualistic she is. I.E. You aren't getting any! If a girl lists all of her siblings and family members it usually means she's down to earth and requires a commitment. Therefore you need to at least appear to be open to the idea of marriage if you want to score. If a girl lists quotes that talk about not taking life or peple for granted, or anything to that effect, she's someone who's been hurt and can be vulnerable quite often. Therefore tell her she's beautiful and special and you're IN. And finally if a girl comments on photos, has multiple status updates daily, or posts on friend's walls incessantly it usually means she's a home body. Yeah she gets out on Saturday night, but she's by no means a social butterfly. This girl is typically the "nice" friend of the girl you actually want to date/ sleep with.

    Not exactly scientific, but fairly straightforward and accurate in my opinion.

    And men? Well we are way too shallow and overt to analyze.

  2. That is an amazing status update! I totally agree with you that even though people self identify their traits, a great deal is revealed by what they say about themselves. Love your female examples. One I frequently see from your sex is "I live life to the fullest" - translation I do not want to be tied down.

    And there is so much you can garner from their profile pic. Like any unmarried man that has a profile of him and a friend or family members' child is clearly trying to project an air of wholesomenss and values that clearly aren't there. It's like buddy you convinced me now try convincing yourself you are such a "good" guy.

    Yesterday I logged on to Facebook and saw that one of the guys I used to date changed his profile pic to a photo of himself performing an operation (he's a surgeon). It looked like a screen grab from Grey's Anatomy. What a major chode!