Saturday, August 14, 2010

Going the Distance?

During previews for Eat, Pray Love last night I saw a trailer for Going the Distance, the new Drew Barrymore movie that attempts to portray the adorable hardships of a long distance relationship between San Fran and New York. This may be an unpopular perspective, but I think that long distance dating may be easier than dating someone in your zipcode.

On a flight from Toronto a few weeks ago a chatty passenger confessed his current situation to me: he had the perfect relationship until his girl moved to his city. When they were dating long distance from Atlanta to New York he described having amazing weekend visits that he likened to vacation sex with 5 day delays that were filled with hot text messages and Facebook status countdowns of when they would see each other next. When she came to New York their weekends were filled with west village brunches and friends' bday parties where their biggest "conflict" was how he should introduce her. Now that she is in New York however, its all about where its going, what their status is and why they don't spend more time together.

A gal pal of mine has also gone bi...coastal and after drinks last week she confessed that she had a "date" with her long distance dude. Translation: she would sex message with him while catching up on DVRed episodes of Project Runway. She said she had to give him QT because he was moving apartments that weekend and would be out of touch for a few days. Wait, I said you get to watch Project Runway during sex and you don't have to help him move?

Sounds like a sweet deal, or is it? Are long distance relationships a testament to how technology has enhanced our lives or are they yet another way we maintain our own space and avoid real commitment?


  1. There is no middle ground for long distance...either it is the best (casual and great) or the worst (serious and miserable). Luckily technology plays both sides: meaningless sex (thrilling without the threat STDs) and complete intimacy (connecting without 'connection').

  2. True that annonymous!

    Added bonus: women can save money on waxning and guys get to pay for less dates.

  3. I live in NYC and my gf just moved to San Francisco.

    If the relationship is casual then yes, of course LD is a great option. But when you've been dating for awhile and things are semi-serious, it sucks.

    Three cheers for Skype, though.

  4. Old Snuggler, thanks for your comment. I see from your blog (which I just checked out and think is sweeeet) that you are moving to SF in September. Sounds like you guys really are Going the Distance. Good luck and definitely report back on things once you are settled in.

    Also: I'm glad you are moving there to be with a significant other and not single. SF should stand for "Sans F*ck" -- everyone I know there who is single constanlty struggles to get laid :)