Monday, October 20, 2008

Putting the ate into Date...

On a lark the lovely people at Michelin let me test drive their new 2009 restaurant guide in exchange for a little taste of the NYC dating scene. My observation: dating in Manhattan yields many text messages, IMs and Facebook wall posts but not that many appetizers, main courses and desserts. To find out what happens when my dates go beyond 3 vodka sodas, check it out:
Michelin Guides

Special thanks to my 3 HDs (hot dates) for being such good sports. Hugs: best first date ever. Franks: don't kill me. P-did: glad we got some QT, cutie. XOXO

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  1. Hilarious! As a newlywed (no, my rock isnt 70K - Id prefer a car along with my proposal) its been a while since I went on a date with anyone other than my hubby. No date is a waste of time and with every one you walk away knowing more about yourself than ever before - and also with entertaining blog posts. AG... love your writing. Keep it up.