Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unfriend Finder: Track which ex has eX'ed you

Facebook is usually a friendly place, that is until you realize you have been defriended. According to a study from University of Colorado that was published on CNET and in the New York Times the top reasons people get defriended include 1.) Updating their status with frequent and "unimportant" content and material 2.) Discussing politics and religion 3.) Posting inappropriate, crude or racists comments. Although these reasons seem relatively legit I was shocked that defriending exes didn't top the lists of reasons to break ties with someone online.
I myself was a victim about two years ago when a guy I used to date defriended me as my newsfeed filled up with photos and updates that included the new man in my life. I had no idea it even happened until I got a friend request from him this year and realized that I was actually being refriended. Luckily now, for those of us that want to keep track of our online frenemies, Unfriend Finder has launched--a Facebook App that let's you monitor the ups and downs of your online relationships.

Although this app is kind of a riot, I would go as far to say that defriending probably has more effect on the person initiating it than the one recieving it. Isn't the act really an exercise in passive aggressive behavior, that allows scorned lovers to salvage a sense of control by "eXing" you out of their lives? Afterall, what could be more empowering than giving your ex a virtual F you--especially if they won't notice it for a year and a half?

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  1. there is an app called Black your Exes, comes in handy.