Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TechBromance: Why Don't We Sext Anymore?

Did you ever look over at your significant other and say "why don't we sext anymore?" Even if you're not there yet, Nando's prolific tips will be a good reminder that even though your status may be "in a relationship" it's still important to poke each other once in a while. Check him out.

Posted by Nando

For more spicy advice check out Nando's site Nandoism or go to Youtube and watch him get a butt facial.


  1. I love it -- a guy asked me out via Microsoft outlook once and thought it was the sweetest.

  2. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. My last girlfriend started to complain towards the end of our relationship that I wasn't as "flirty" as I was when we first started dating. That all the cute mid-day digital declarations of longing, and steamy sext messages had evaporated. I tried to explain to her that unfortunately I suffer from what I like to refer to as STSI (Short-Term Sexual Interest). It's not that I stop caring about about a girl or become unattracted to her, I just tend to become bored and complacent. In my defense however, most of the girls I've been with "long-term" seem to forget at some point that they can continue to be sexy too. Most women equate emotional attachment as continued improvment between the sheets, but the reality is that most men require a little extra spice to keep the relationship from becoming bland.

    So ladies, if you're bored, or think that you're significant other may be uninterested in you sexually anymore because he doesn't flirt and send romantic messages, try surprising him/ her with something "new" (lingerie, toys, positions, etc...). Steam up the bedroom, and watch your cellphone and inbox blow up!

    Great vid Nando. The hairy chest def works for you! ;)


  3. VV! Hilarious and truthful take. I feel like a couple's techromance is a barometer for the relationship. If you're not connecting in the bedroom it's hard to fake it on email, text or anywhere else.