Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introducing TechBromance

As if the premiere of Skins and Blue Valentine weren't enough to get us pumped for January, Techromance is becoming TechBromance -- for the month anyway. That's right, my favorite bro-bloggers, writers and pontificators will lend their "tech"spertise and give us their opinions, stories and insights on techromance from a man's point of view. Drum roll please.

The Professional Wingman. Some people say those that can't do teach -- but this guy busts that cliche by teaching dating and actually dating very well. His helpful tips have been featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to Maxim, and did I mention he landed himself a little hottie named eFlirtexpert through some strategic twitter flirting? I. Am. Not. Worthy.

Bri-guy, otherwise known as my best friend Brian Martin. He's an MFA student and short-story writer who is lowering his literary standards to blog for us. His keen social observations leave a sting that reverberates somewhere between the Great Gatsby and Heathers. Sorry boys and girls, he's taken.

Nando is a blogger, vlogger, host, entrepreneur, twitterzen of the world and your new Gay BFF. His blog Nandoism gives singles and couples advice on dating, mating and more with a tone that's equal parts motivating and provocative. He's the kick in the a** you just might need to change the way you approach love and sex.

Alan Danzis is a tech junky, blogger and charmer that would win the superlative most likely to check into a date on Foursquare if such a badge actually existed. As a single twentysomething living in Hoboken he has enough dating material to put a Kardashian to shame. Plus he's got a cute smile.

And last, I introduce Mystery Boy. Since dissing someone on a blog can be as bad as contracting an STD these days, his identity will remain annoymous. Cause let's face it--there's no cream that can cure a story about a girl who texts you about her woo woo when she's had 3 glasses of chardonnay.

Let's hear it for the boy-toys!


  1. I am digg'n this post and honored to be in the company of so many hotties! Your tag on the post was spot on! I'm gonna start my techBromance education now!

  2. You guys are a dapper bunch I must say! Excited to have you dicKtate the converation for a while. Mwahs.