Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Man's Guide to Love

Guy talk can be down right nasty. My most recent encounter with it included two guy friends chatting about using "mud tires" for non-missionary female relations.

For male conversations that do not include phrases like Gilfs and "fun bags," check out The Man's Guide to Love, a newly spawned website that provides advice on love, man to man. The posts are so honest and insightful it's hard to imagine that they aren't outtakes from When Harry Met Sally. My favorite is "Stay the course," a 30 sec vlog from a sixty something man named Jay that talks about how his marriage keeps getting better every year. Of course his wife is right next to him during his confession with an internal monologue that probably included a few Hail Marys that he wouldn't mention Cialis or the time she found his Mike in Brazil Collection.

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