Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Object of My A(Tech)tion

I finally met someone who can really push my buttons...okay maybe not mine exactly, but he's pretty good with a QWERTY key board.

It all started this past Friday, when my mother -- who has a tendency to get cues from TODAY SHOW segments along with Diane Keaton movies -- decided to confirm that my life has entered a new level of cliche: she would set me up. After sitting down for lunch at American Joe's Grill at the Short Hills Mall she started chatting with a young guy next to her. They discussed weekend plans, the wine list, and of course family, quickly figuring out that "her baby" ie me and his older brother had a lot in "common" -- same graduate school, same college basketball conference and of course same dating status, single.

What transpired though was not common at all. This new dude has become the object of my a(tech) know the person who's flirty emails/Facebooks/texts put a spring in your step and make you feel like a digital Romeo (or Juliet) as you carefully craft witty/suggestive responses back. And it all started with one simple (but strategically breezy, confident and enaging) text:

"Hey its Jewels, did you hear this story about ur bro and my mom? Funny right?."

Over the past 3 days we have gone from text (first base), to email (second base) though I have held out on Instant Messenger... if you give away your screen name for free who's gonna buy the cow (did I mess that up :) Anyway this Thursday we are going "all the way" to a real date and I'm having a slightly neurotic concern that we have set ourselves up for failure. What if our first meeting can't rival all the fun sexual tension we've created? Is it possible that our romanTECH repoire is too good? I'll report back Friday.


  1. Sexual Textion!

    I can't wait for details.

    Have your mom work her magic for me too, thanks!

  2. So you and your mom are both "digital yentas." That is priceless. I wouldn't worry though. The hard part is over. If you've already developed a mental cohesion with eachother, it should allow the rest to flow much easier. It's like having sex with someone first and then going on a date. The initial jitters and apprehensions should fade. A word of advice though... Don't tell him about your blog. No guy wants his romantic entanglements used as fodder for random strangers.

    P.S. If you and your mom decide to open an online dating service I'd like to be the first to sign up. HAHA.

  3. dude, you are such a nerd

  4. HAHA.. Only by day brother... you need an explanation on any of those big words you give me a holler...

  5. I won't lie, that blog made me feel gayer than richard simmons, but I guess Zlata needs help and that post is a starting point for her. The problem in the Tech"uverse" today is technology doesn't amplify people's personality, rather it disguises it. It's one thing to be witty and clever through email, but real life conversations occur at the speed of light. So while Johnny may write that he wants to tea bag you more than a Lipton factory, chances are he won't be able to get the words out in person.

    My advice, if he's not asking to tea bag by the third date, dump his ass.

  6. Love it Adi..let me know what happens!

  7. so whatever happened with this guy...i hope you've moved beyond the textual tension.