Thursday, May 8, 2008

No, I Won't Read Your Blog If We're Dating...

Thank you all for your concern! After my last post I got messages ranging from "A word of advice... Don't tell him about your blog. No guy wants his romantic entanglements used as fodder for random strangers" to "Don't be stupid," and I loved them all. But it was too late. During an email trail, I had sent said dude, I included a link to the blog and joked that he may wind up on it, which he eventually did. When I arrived to meet him at East Side Company (which I highly recommend), he was waiting outside on the phone. Great, I thought, I bet he'll also be checking the score of the Yankees game from under the table. But when we walked inside he revealed that the phone call was to his friend to catch up on my blog post from the day before, which surprise surprise, featured him. He laughed and told me told me he liked the entry. His eagerness was dare I say endearing. And "object of my a(tech)tion" is dare I say funnier written than said out loud. Hearing the words actually spoken made me want to down my cocktail faster than I could say Singapore Sling.

In any event the whole scenario got me thinking about dating and blogging. Is it like letting the person your seeing read your diary? What if they don't like what they read? But what if -- even worse -- they never even crack it open. I talked to one of my guy friends who dated a girl for more than a year who had a blog. He told me that he refused to read it. I -- automatically impressed with a chick who was blogging almost two years ago -- jumped to her defense and grilled him about his refusal. He told me that he didn't want to read about their relationship and that if he read all the other stuff they wouldn't have anything to discuss when they hung out. In one way it sounded like he was respecting her privacy in another it sounded like he was ignoring her. If your dating someone who won't read your blog are they going to want to hear what you have to say about your relationship or be there to listen to the important stuff, like when a bridesmaid dress doesn't fit?

In the days where we are all in constant contact via "OMGs" and bar addresses, but no one is really saying much, I welcome any form of communication that doesn't include all caps. And if your significant other doesn't want to read it then maybe the real writing is on the wall.


  1. Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on you!

  2. I blogged about my current "man" and decided not to post it.

    That's all.

    Love you.

  3. Most man are more private then their female counterparts and would prefer not to have their life "on the line" so to speak. I asked my guy about the scenario and he said, "she's doing it to amuse her friends-- why should he read it??"

    Maybe the key is...if you're living it, who needs it a second time if it wasn't that great to begin with...

  4. I've had friends (gay and str8) who've had to take down their blogs b/c the guys they were dating found out about them and they were seriously embarrassed bout all the things they had written about them...

    Let's just say small body parts were part of one blog posting... nough said! ;)

  5. I used to give guys my blog URL but stopped after one of them completely freaked out after I broke up with him and briefly mentioned that.

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