Sunday, April 25, 2010

E-dentity Crisis

I read a good quote on twitter this week about how instead of work life balance, today people are seeking a work life blend.

But there is a problem when that blend hits a little too close to home and you realize that all the bosses, MILFS (moms I like to facebook) and yes even grandparents on Facebook are going to be viewing your photos from bachelorette parties and perhaps judging your taste in penis shaped accessories (that's just an example).

Lamebook has even popped up, a site dedicated to chronicaling the particularly absurd examples of worlds colliding. My favorite screenshot of a mom "liking" her son's dry spell is captured below.

But there is an alternative bubbling up for people feeling that their e-dentity is being stiffled -- Fakebook profiles. Take Robert Robingson Senior for example. The brainschild of a bunch of my guyfriends, who's Facebook pastimes include ranting about his life alert, "poking" girls on Facebook and asking if there is a pull my finger gadget. According to the New York Times this anonimity trend is on the rise among high school students as well, many who create profiles under clever alisases so they can't be traced back to incriminating photos by parents and colleges.

The timeless battle between the id and the e-go prevails.

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  1. your screenshot is included in these, but there are three others that are equally as comical/ strange/ sad. Enjoy.