Monday, October 6, 2008

Busted: You Didn't Mention You Were On

Let me get this out of the way: there is no shame in online dating. That is unless someone you are dating spots you on there.

I don't have a profile on -- not that I'm opposed to it -- I did afterall meet one of my boyfriends on Friendster back in the day (hola). He told me I had to tell his parents we met through first clue that it would never work out. Anyway -- I was trolling dudes 24-35 (and must say the selection was not that shabby) with a gal pal who recently joined and I spotted a prospective that looked kind of adorable. But when we clicked on his picture and his headline opened up to something that sounded bizzarely familiar: "Looking for a partner-in-crime to tear up NYC," I realized why. It was someone I was kind of seeing. I couldn't decide what shocked me more the fact that he used the line "tear it up" in his opener or that he was actually looking for a serious girlfriend. Maybe because a romantic night for us was defined by a round of erotic photo hunt (babes obviously) and that the nicest places we ever went to were qualified by air conditioning, I never got the message that he wanted something serious. Then it hit me. Maybe he did, just not with me.

Please don't feel bad, we weren't a match(.com) for the above reasons. But, I must say, that after reading his profile and similar digital pleas from cute guys that "were sick of meeting girls in bars" and want someone they "are happy just watching Netflix with" I was surprised by the refreshing dose of honesty. At first glance you couldn't imagine that any of these polo wearing boys -- with bros strategically cropped out for their head shots -- were interested in anything beyond Southern Comfort night at the new Brother Jimmy's. But seeing their romanTECH online confessions juxtaposed next to their confidently preppy pics revealed a little vulnerabity that chicks, or at least I dig (kind of like when you see a hot dude with an arm cast). And just as I was thinking how counter-"e"tuitive it was that could be the least superficial of all the online dating sites a guy friend, that's on the site, let me know that in an attempt to up the interest in his page he added "staying home and cooking" to his profile. The result: his (f)e-mails almost doubled...


  1. Love the blog, plus another comment is that these somewhat good looking guys, also use this site to seem not like "a baller or player" and actually are worse then the guys you meet thru friends. They make you think they want a gf, all they want is a few nights with you, with no strings attached, and I mean, meeting you thru their friends!

  2. How does this shit happen to you???

    But really, people on paper = not a good scene. And it's not even like we can say "he looks good on paper" anymore -- because no one is fucking writing classified ads. It's all about Match, Harmony, the J, etc. And it's all up on the screens. And let me tell you something, paper or not - these men aren't catch-worthy.


  3. Maybe it's you who is not catch-worthy. Why is it so hard for you women to understand...every year there is a fresh batch of younger, funner, better looking "freshman class" that enters the Manhattan scene. Believe me, if a Man is looking to settle down - he doesn't need to go onto match or any other service to find a woman to settle down with, all he has to do is approach any gal over 27 - odds are if she is single she is desperate and looking to settle down, Manhattan is full of them - and best part about it...all men know this. It's not that he doesnt want to settle down - it's that he doesnt want to settle down with you. Why would he? He also knows (because you are desperate) that you will most likely put-out without a problem, because you, being desperate, will try anything to lure a man to give you attention until the young 20 something steels it in tighter jeans.

    And before you blame all men for being need to look at yourself in the mirror and blame shit like "Sex and the City" which promotes a "C" level girl "Carrie" to have an "A" level game...please in real life a busted ass looking sarah jessica parker is not getting the "Mr. Big"...she is getting the last call at Brother Jimmy's and whatever she can take. But for some reason all of these "B" "C" and even "D" level girls think they are "A" status and have the delusional addtitudes to match. No wonder they and you are still single and searching.

    And about manipulating match profiles, how many women take the good angle headshot and mistake the word "athletic" "toned" in their profiles...."toned" doesnt mean you 7 years ago..."toned" doesnt mean you thinking about going to the gym.

  4. to the anonymous dbag it's quite clear that YOU were that homo on looking to cuddle while a team of mexican guerillas jammed random produce up your ass. Tell the truth, the only girls interested in an old piece of shit like yourself fall into two categories: 1. Your mother (I had her) and 2. 22-year-old murray hill girls that wear sunglasses bigger than your asshole after a George Michael concert.

    Look who's calling girls pathetic for "searching" when your the fucktard on! Tell the truth, you've spent your whole life insecure and ashamed of the boring person you call "yourself". And while Manhattan is full of attractive, smart and ambitious women, none of them want a guy like you. Because you friend are a dime a dozen. You are found in the "cheese dick" isle of the meat market. You go out with "your boyz" looking to score "some ass" but wake up every day feeling alone, like nobody gets you. But it's ok, we do get you. You're a fucktard. You're the kind of guy that gets out of the shower to take a piss. You're the kind of guy that gets a hard on from watching a dog shit. Get the picture?

    But what's most pathetic about you is how you pretend as if women need you. It's you that needs them. But nothing could erase the years of damage caused by your mom jamming that talcum powder bottle up your ass while she sang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while I donkey punched her.

    Two weeks ago I took out a craig's list ad offering a million dollars to any person with an asshole less torn up than yours. Nobody's responded. Shocking. Fucktard.

  5. Manhattan is the easiest place in the world to meet a person, and the hardest to meet the right person... But that's the challenge isn't it? Your perfect match won't be the drunk girl that offers to play a game of Big Buck Hunter with you. But that's ok. That same failed relationship, if nothing else puts you one step closer to knowing what you're looking for, and how to spot it...

  6. Adrianna-

    Paul here (late of Ketchum). Thanks for the link to youy blog. I agree with you about online romance, but I'm not really familiar with dating sites - rather, I'm a big fan of Craigslist missed connections. I've never posted or responded to the site, granted, but there's something very poignant about it. It's as if no one can connect in the real world - oh my god, she's reading a book I like, should I talk to her? - so they take an ineffective, ex post facto shot in the dark.

  7. Hahaha strike a nerve did we. One look at Zlata's picture or Jewels and we both know we are talking last call duck hunter material. So how many "failed" relationships will these hussies have before the step infront of the mirror and realize the problem isn't's that men don't want to settle down with them. Let me guess, they are probably gung-ho "career" bitches who think that their stupid liberal intellect is attracting to guys...meanwhile all they want to do is use them to spooge in their hair and move on to wife material. It's not that men don't want to settle down, men and women are getting married everyday..just not to these chicks. And as time goes on...odds are if they do get married it will be the most pathetic union ever..and the guy will be cheating within months.

    Democracy now...what a chumpstar you must be...those are very nice comments...nice comments for me to dip my balls in

  8. Hey Paul....

    Are you the creep in the coffee shop who keeps staring at me? If so please stop it.

    Being a girl, it's women that are the problem. All my single and pathetic girlfriends are always trying to quickly define any relationship they are in with a guy. They can never just let anything take its course naturally. They overthink every conversation they have, over analyse whatever they do or whatever he says and they are always playing games to test what the relationship means. In the end...they always end the same way. He never calls back and they wonder why. The proclaim men jerks and start the process all over again. I'm so sick of women throwing pitty parties on why they can't keep men in their lives. Maybe if they lost their circle of girlfriends who do nothing but bring them down and try and please a man - they wouldn't have a problem keeping him. Sorry don't want to hear about how your day was, they don't want to hear about what Suzy said to Brandy and why that was wrong and how that made all of you Men want to settle down with someone who they feel they will be attracted to for a long time. Sorry's not your brains. You can be smart, but that doesn't matter. I am blessed with good genes...and look better than 99% in my skinny jeans...and that is what keeps my man happy...and you calling me the skinny bitch with the fat rock. Wake up aren't going to have to. Online, doesnt matter how you meet...the end result will be the same unless you truly have something to offer. Stop watching the BS romantic comedies and rent a nice raunchy porno....only then will you understand how to please your man.

  9. Ok - My turn again.
    First of all, to everyone who posts "anonymously" - it's pathetic, really. If AG's blog regarding seeing her past paramour on is sparking this insane forum of "Differences Between Men and Women," then let's "Man Up" to our opinions.

    Now, to Anonymous DoucheBag #1. Because I actually am educated, I have no idea what the slang 'duck hunter' means. Guess what else? Given the nature of your talentless attempt to be witty, I can't even make the deduction.

    I'm not sure where you get your information about me, but I don't complain about any failed relationships. Also, if you knew me, you'd know that I don't even think there's such a thing as a 'failed relationship' since, even at the end, everyone wins, because everyone learns something. Cliche? Perhaps. Truth? Definitely.

    As far as your comment about men not wanting to settle down with "us chicks" - I would really love for you to build on that. What is "us chicks" exactly? Is it that we are indeed successful women, who possess an immense amount of self-confidence and know exactly what we want out of any given situation? Is it that we ARE the women who would let a guy - ahem - spooge in our hair and then be wife material down the road? What's that lyric about what men want?? Oh yea, lady in the streets and a freak in the bed.
    What gets me the most is how much the original blog posting got out of hand. The blog was simply about a man she was seeing who was also on I'm not sure how it got turned into her (and consequently me) being single for the rest of our lives. What I REALLY don't understand, is how the anonymous girl who looks 99.9% hot in her skinny jeans thinks that it takes just that to keep a man. I'm perplexed, truly.

  10. Hahah Zlata

    Spoken like a true defensive fat chick. Proving my point again that you think how well you craft a paragraph has anything to do with your attractive qualities to men.

    Answer this: Why are you single?

    And you claim youself to be successful...what are you some Manhattan transplant from some bumblefuck town how has climbed the ranks to middle management in Public Relations..making 70 grand a year with a million dollar opinion...newsflash cow...I have a ring that costs more than that.

    What ring you ask...the ring from my ask to "man up"...I would invite you over to my world but the doorman wouldn't take kindly to your kind in our building...

    And does posting an actual name matter...I am out there like the countless other women who don't pretend life is this great searching game that you learn from your heartaches....thats what girls who constantly get dumped (aka you) keep telling themselves to keep going - pretending like there is some light at the end of this tunnel for you. The reality is - everyday goes by and you get older and older and less and less desirable (if that's even possible to sinke that low) to the male population out there.

    So sweetheart, there is no deduction to be made here. It's very simple and you know it. The problem is you. Sure..sure I know you have your support groups like your mother and other busted friends, telling you to stay strong...but at the end of the day you're going to end up alone or settling for what's left while I'm picking out furniture for our 4th house. I'm so jealous of you and your "career"..hahaha

    One more question. How many blog posts are you going to make with ZERO comments before you shut the f up and realize no one cares what crapping out of your mouth.

  11. Hey Zlata,

    You may know what you want but what you are getting is too different things. Unlike a career, in a relationship the other party has to want the same thing..and clearly no one wants to be with you. And maybe that is because of how you look in your skinny jeans.

    Just reading through this blog...sure it's a little out of hand..and while the others are trying to be definitely come across as the typical annoying girl who thinks she is successful simply because you work in manhattan and has self confidence that is miss-aligned with the reality of your situation (from what you do to what you look like)

    My money is that you are jewish and live in Murray hill

  12. You know what's funny? It's that I am not complaining about being single - like, at all. So I'm not sure why that seems to be your ammunition. Also, the fact is that you are clearly miserable, despite the size of your rock (meanwhile, I'll have you know - my plethora of rocks from daddy jeweler, I'm willing to bet, are of much better quality than your "big fat rock" which I GUARANTEE is not worth $70k) You clearly are a materialistic whore, who will no doubt end up fucking the Mexican pool boy your cheating husband hires knowingly to keep you busy.
    Regarding your identity: You're a pu$$y. (and I hate that word)
    Regarding my blog: stop reading it
    Regarding your life: Kill Yourself

  13. I'm going to stop commenting in just a moment because I'm done with this bullshit.

    Jim, if that's even your name, thank you for your insight. My attempt was to stick up for AG - because I am completely FINE with the way my life is, man in it (or me) or not. I most certainly am not the "annoying girl" who revels in her career, mostly because my life is not my work.

    And I don't own a pair of skinny jeans because those aren't in style. Oh, and because I have a nice ass.

    I'm Jewish, but don't align myself with any faith - and I most certainly don't live in Murray Hill. Thanks for playing. Hugs and Kisses.

  14. Zlata.

    1) What kind of f'ing name is Zlata anyway?

    2) You have a nice ass? You didn't get the press release? Ahab has called off the search for the great white was's your ass

    3) Have you ever looked at your face? Just zoom in on your profile picture. You look like the bastard spawn if Shrek was raped by Mike Tyson and borrowed Bill Cosby's nose - single by choice..haha sure

    4) The truth is your spitting insults at someone who clowns you in every way...if you want to take it offline please let me know where and my hubby and me will gladly show up at whatever dive bar you are at and give you a glimpse of what true suceess looks like.

    After all is said and done and you finally decide to retreat back to Daddy's little jewlery Kiosk in the Galerria Mall (after shopping at H&M) - life will go on...and I will be living a charmed life and you will still be shitstain matter what words you type..that is never going to change. Just accept it miss piggy

  15. To Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2,

    I don't know you, and wow I'm quite glad that I don't. If you really want to talk about who needs some advice, reconsider and take some yourselves. Yes, this is a space to let free your own opinions, whatever they may be... but when you lash out so much in a place where you weren't even targeted in the first place, what the f gives? I mean, really. Nice attempt at boosting your own little egos, I guess? And it's no secret that people who tout themselves so much- especially with zero prompting- are in fact the ones who have the most to learn, though they've deluded themselves into thinking otherwise... so have fun continuing to fool yourselves into thinking you've won in life. You haven't. #1, I offer my deepest condolences to your future wife... I don't care what the circumstances are, if saw that the person I was with wrote the offensive (and flat out wrong) drivel you did, the two words out of my mouth would likely be "good bye." It's been a long time since I've seen someone project so hardcore onto someone else. Desperate much? Yeah, that'd actually be you. Maybe you're in a relationship, but even if so, clearly something is missing in your life or you wouldn't waste your time writing such bullshit here. #2, keep admiring that rock on your finger, girl, because with your attitude chances are someday that's all you'll have as a distant reminder of your former 'happy' self and life. And I feel sorry for you that you put such emphasis on appearance. Yeah, it matters to a degree of course... but attraction between two partners in a long-lasting, genuinely happy and healthy relationship actually DOES delve much deeper than the surface, contrary to what you've been taught to believe, and you're doing yourself a major disservice in waiting until it's too late to realize that. And, "please your man"?? Really?? The only instances I've seen that phrase used in the last god knows how many years is when it is being made fun of or used as an example of how to NOT go about finding or being in a relationship. Don't care if it sounds cheese or like a cliche, but the only thing that works is balance and compromise, give-and-take. Congrats on fueling an anti-feminist stereotype. You think you're saying it like it is, but you just went about it all kinds of wrong and got yourself in a superficially great situation... and that, my dear, is nothing that any woman in her right mind would covet. I know you think you've got it all now, but maybe you'll realize in 15 or so years how very sadly wrong you were.
    Anywho, thank you both for your SCINTILLATING viewpoints, bravo.

  16. Zlata.

    1) What kind of f'ing name is Zlata anyway?

    2) You have a nice ass? You didn't get the press release? Ahab has called off the search for the great white was's your ass

    3) Have you ever looked at your face? Just zoom in on your profile picture. You look like the bastard spawn if Shrek was raped by Mike Tyson and borrowed Bill Cosby's nose - single by choice..haha sure

    4) The truth is your spitting insults at someone who clowns you in every way...if you want to take it offline please let me know where and my hubby and me will gladly show up at whatever dive bar you are at and give you a glimpse of what true suceess looks like.

    After all is said and done and you finally decide to retreat back to Daddy's little jewlery Kiosk in the Galerria Mall (after shopping at H&M) - life will go on...and I will be living a charmed life and you will still be shitstain matter what words you type..that is never going to change. Just accept it miss piggy

  17. If you surveyed women in Manhattan, ages 21-40 or whatever, and asked whether they'd rather be in the dating pool (with everything that comes with it-- sad idiots who don't know any better and call them 'pathetic', good dates, bad dates, etc.) or be married BUT be a snobby bitch like you with not much else to show for her dear 'hubby' except a diamond, and not much else going on in her life so she feebly attempts at ripping into others with no base to her argument whatsoever (and with no prompt to do so whatsoever)... it's pretty safe presume that the former wins and the latter- and you- LOSE. Take your false snark and your fucked-up-fairytale somewhere else... I'm sure you have something more important to do now anyway... fill your void with fancy clothes or jewelry or something... hope it carries you at least a few more years before reality crashes down around you.

  18. Sarah...

    Are you down with the yawn yet? This is a classic case of career feminist who lack any real attractive qualities, physical or otherwise and than preach about why they are single as everyone else's problem.

    I aree the Anonymous posts clearly are pretty extreme - but in the same token clearly this Zlata girl is just as insecure and constantly feels the need to play this juvenile "gotcha last" game.

    Can't speak for the Anonymous ones, but Zlata's are a DIME A DOZEN in NYC...they act like they have some superior intellect or insight into life because they got some c-level communications degree and imerse themselves into an industry that coddles this mis-guided elitest attitude about everything.

    What you say is true about relationships, why don't you ask Zlata or Jewels how many stable LONG TERM relationships they have been in...if you get a truthful answer (which you never will) it's probably none - even the ones that lasted for a few months where probably so disfunctional and BS but they dragged it on because that is what they do...rationalize everything in their lives to benefit their thinking and their situation. This is the translation for her that stupid cliche that you learn from every relationship that went wrong....yet they never learn the problem is them. It's annoying enough just reading one of her posts online...can you imagine how aggravating a dinner would be with her? Multiply that by dating her? Where does it all end up..with her single..which she is. She will tell you she's fine with that (what else is she going to say), she will find like-minded annoying girlfriends to surround herself with so collectively their pathetic plight seems the "norm". But you know what's going to happen just like I do...5 years from now when her rehtoric proves to be just that and she is single, she is going to look around and find out everyone else is married and moved on. Humility is one of the greatest qualities a person can have..none of these people seem to have that...but Zlata is the only one self promoting this fact to the world by choice. Says volumes.

  19. Tracey--
    I've pretty much said all I have to say about this, but I do need to express that I couldn't disagree with you more about Zlata and Jewels. They're honest, true, smart and authentic about who they are, and are two women in a city of many fakes who actually tell you like it is (be it about you or them or anything). If their personalities don't fit the profile of someone you'd want to date... then don't date them. Someone deserving will. And quit it already with the ridiculous judgments... they're completely unwarranted and unjustified. Also, maybe consider the fact that just because they know what they want out of life, including their relationships, and are having fun living it all out however they choose to do so isn't a bad thing. It's actually a really really good thing, and they're smarter than the vast majority because they're self-aware and don't only learn in retrospect, as Anonymous #2 so unfortunaly only will.
    And I'm done.

  20. I echo the thoughts of anonymous at 3:27 and think you people -- aka, the demented anonymous and tracey the beast -- have a serious problem. Stop judging people without knowing them. Stop existing.

  21. Hahaha....Poor Sarah

    That's just it little girl. You're full of it. When my driver pulls up to Saks while you're across the street at H& do wish it was you. You say Fairytale like it doesnt exist...but peon...that is what does in exist in Manhattan...JUST NOT FOR YOU...and I will bet you anything when given the choise between my life and sitting behind so stupid cubicle at Ketchum Communications...99.9% would choose this....who wouldn't...well that's easy...Zlata...why...because she has no choice in the matter...and what does Zlata do when she has no choice (like being single) she proclaims that's how she wanted it anyway...that way she can try to convince herself that life isnt as bad as it really is.

    And what do you know about my relationship. My husband and I have a great marriage...he loves his job and I love the life we share together. There is a lot more to enjoy in life when you aren't tied behind a entire city to tap into...but these are circles you know nothing about. It's easy to dismiss things you will never have and play them off as stuff you don't want anyway knowing you never will....reminds me of growing up and the poor kids used to say they wouldn't want to be us because they had "real love" in their family and rich people didnt know what that is....all those families are broken up now and ours is stronger than ever. You see...some people in life can have it all. It doesnt have to be this trade off. Having your cake and eating it exists EVERYDAY in EVERYWAY in you need directions to Madison Ave...please let me know and if you're boss will let you out for more than a half hour you are more than welcome to join me and my friends for lunch...we'll cover it because we know it's a weeks pay for you.

    So spare me the majority would want the average borring life. Easy to say otherwise when you know it will never be you.

    Answer you think Zlata is ugly...on a scale from 1-10..whats the grade.

  22. Sarah,

    See I thought you were an unbaised viewpoint on here. Clearly you know these two girls and are just part of the inner-protection circle to justify what they do.

    Not only are they single...but now men should be deserving to date them?? If their qualities are such that they are deserving why are they still single. Newsflash...the whole BS Sex and the City ending doesn't happen in real one is coming to Paris to proprose to these girls...they aren't even going to Midtown.

    And your response is typical as proclaim them real and authentic...and the rest of the city is fake. Again you are falling right into the argument that instead of looking within, the blame is put against everyone else.

    I don't know these two girls nor do I care to (don't swing that way) but I have so many single girlfriends who say the same damn things at nasuea - it's so bad I don't even speak to most of them anymore.

    I will say it again. Humility is a quality that seems to be very lacking in all of these people. It's all me me me.

    And back to the original post that started all of this....why is this jewels girl so upset that she saw the guy she was dating's profile on match...she found it on Match to begin with trolling for someone else? He was looking for someone else, yet she was doing the same why is she so taken back by this? God forbid it was him pre-empting her. God forbid he knew before she did that he didnt want to be with her long term. Maybe that is why he started acting differentlty to prompt her to do the same.

    Again it's not what you want that you automatically get when it comes to relationships...the other person has to want you..and in a city with a ton of options...I haven't seen anything that is worth keeping from Zlata and company, regardless of what her "friends" sign on to say. Unless she is going to turn lesbo and date you...I suggest you give her some honest truth (which you probably won't because that will probably just shed light on your probable single status)

    Are you single too Sarah?

  23. All I'm sayin is the way you do it isn't the way for everyone to live and be happy. It isn't. If it works for you, awesome, really. But to say that because you have the things you've so willingly told us about here that it's what others need to be happy as well is just wrong. And just like you said I don't know anything about your marriage, so I'm not in a position to pass judgement-- then neither are you, on Jewels or Zlata, so STOP. JUDGING. Especially based on what brings happiness to a life, because it's alllll relative. Money, jewelry, husband, job, whatev. And stop with the insults, it's catty and annoying and nothing warrants the remarks you keep making. It's embarassing. It's making you look like you're deep down miserable in your own life and are doing this to make yourself feel better-- so if that isn't the case, which you say it isn't, than lay off is all. And, the fact aside that you're assuming you know where I work and why I work there, I actually love working at this point in my life... and I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't want to. So, you're wrong again. And I really am done now because this has gotten so off course and is stupid at this point, but for the record Zlata=way beyond a 10 and she rocks my f'ing world.

  24. You're all such stupid bitches.

    I bet my left nut that Anonymous if four hundred pounds and her husband's penis is the size of an enlarged clit.

    Listen you self righteous dildo stuffing pessimist, no one gives a fuck about your zirconia diamond or your hideous apartment building that is filled with blue hairs and people with oversewn vaginal openings.

    I think if you and Tracey Bast spent more time licking each other's cobwebbed genitals and getting a different hobby besides being hypercritical snobs who have little to no social life the world would be a much more fulfilling place, for me.


  25. Jesus you're relentless Tracey, and you surely ignite the desire to spit back to you the shit you keep doling out. Have the last word after this if you must. I'm merely responding in hopes that you'll actually understand what's going on here. Give a second thought to what you keep saying... no one here is asking for or desiring a Sex and the City ending, or blaming the rest of the city for anything. If you looked a little more carefully, or actually knew who you were talking about, you'd see that there in fact is a great deal of introspection going on and not displaced blame, as you so claim. Also, you misread or misinterpreted the original blog post, making all of this an even greater amount of wasted breath. And no, I'm not single, but thanks for asking.

  26. Let me preface what I am about to say with this... I've only met Adrianna/ Jewels once, and it was very brief. So I have no vested interest in protecting or defending her. But quite simply, she's fucking HOT! (sorry Ad, although you didn't seem like a girl who gets embarassed easily). She has a body that would make you fall out of your chair, with a face and smile to match. Amazingly when she does open her mouth what comes out of it does manage to steer your attention away from her looks... and that's pretty fucking impressive. This city is swarming with beautiful girls, but not many come with an ass like that, and a graduate degree from Columbia to boot. There's always going to be tons of attractive available women in this city, but speaking as a guy who was born and raised here, very few can leave a lasting impression with their clothes on or off... Adrianna I am pretty sure can do both.

  27. i'm trying to watch Grey's Anatomy dammit and instead I have to pay attention to this juvenile debate. It's all quite simple: the annonymous chick with the big rock is really just a guy pretending to be a over for that dbag. Yes, guys like hot chicks, this blog didn't prove that, 90% of web traffic is porn, which is proof enough. And as a man, I'll never understand why my virgin wife was impregnated by an Italian Count, but it happened. I have to accept it, life goes on. The only thing dumber than having an online conversation is trying to defend yourself online to anonymous dbags. Look, we all want to be happy and finding that outside of the porn world is really hard. Did I mention my hard on? I've got one right now because it's what happen when a straigh man like myself watches Grey's Anatomy. Hey anyone know when Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins became best friends? I mean, they share space now, it's really cool. Hard to think back to a time when your favorite donut-teer wasn't sitting next your favorite chocolate cookie dough. But now it's a reality and all I can do is sit back, stare, insert my thumb in my ass and sing Jack Johnson songs. You feel the same way? Let's chat over at Best...Kaneda.

  28. Wow...all I can say to the violant language and defensive, self-obsessed talk is LOOK AT YOURSELVES!!!

    I don't care whether you are married, single, or somewhere inbetween the problem is all of you have your priorities so far out of whack, it's one of the saddest thing I have ever heard.

    Wow...your rich, you go out in NYC, you have a nice apartment..big date skinny, women with little brains (and of course there is always the BBD- bigger better deal).

    My question is what about values? What about substance? What about women and men who have something to say and who care about something that matters. I use to love NYC, but lately the more I am exposed to the new, gossip boys and girls, the less I care that I am no where near it. NYC use to be about people who stood for something different and, culture, art, etc. Now, it's about money and bullshit and who went to what place, when?? Who Cares...

    Jules, you site kicks ass and anyone who doesn't understand why is clearly not smart enough or deep enough to get it...

    It's a forum people, and it's cool to have a place to speak...The rest of you...Grow the Fuck up!!!

  29. Wow. I need a drink.

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