Thursday, January 21, 2010

eHarmony Is Not For Everyone

Apparently E is NOT for everyone. Thanks to the commenter that pointed out eHarmony's conservative agenda. Apparently they wouldn't create a same sex option and only launched the site Compatible Partners after a 2008 New Jersey court ruling. eHArmony your seperate but (not so) equal approach is a huge techromance FAIL.

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  1. I'd heard rumors that they didn't allow same sex relationships on their website. Neil Warren (founder of eHarmony) weighed in stating that he had not conducted adequate research on homosexual relationships to provide effective match-making. Warren is also an evangelical Christian and has openly noted that homosexuality is 'wrong' according to his religious beliefs.

    Besides the obvious loss of revenue from excluding a large potential group of customers, these decisions likely turn off many looking for an online dating website. If I wanted a match made through the [broken] lens of Christianity, I'd go to a Priest. eHarmony should make their Christian agenda more clear when users sign up.