Monday, January 18, 2010

eHarmony IS Socially Acceptable

During a dry patch about one year ago my sister suggested that I try eHarmony. I was insulted by the recomendation and was hell bent on never falling victim to their "real life" commercials so obviously targeting my demographic. You know the ones where the female boutique owner finally finds love with the smoking architect that looks like Brian Greenberg's more astute older brother....

Well this weekend I had the pleasure of going away for my friend Mike's bday with a group of people so highly educated and interesting I thought I was on a white episode of a Different World. Turns out a few of them were on eHarmony and one of the couples there was even the product of a match made on the site. The dude I knew in his singles days, and to be honest was never sure what type of chica he was after. But when they walked in I suddenly heard "This will be an everlasting love" cue up as one of my friends leaned in and whispered to me that the couple looked so matched they could share jeans. Over lunch I quickly learned they shared more than the same jean size as they gushed about their love of late night dining, the Vampire Diaries and meeting each others parents for the first time. Later on they even earned points in the house from everyone for spooning on the couch overnight and not pulling couple's rank and taking up a bed.

In talking to some other friends this weekend at least 2 mentioned they were on the site and talking to people they had a strong connection with commenting that wasnt any better than a summer happy hour at the Frying Pan-- a lot of above average faces but nothing particularly interesting. Maybe eHArmony will be the new for twentysomethings. And if they want to, they better start marketing in Murray Hill because the Young Jewish Professionals posters are taking over!

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  1. I've always been a major fan of this blog, but I was shocked to see a blatant endorsement of such a homophobic corporation. Do your homework Jewels.