Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday "e"-unions

The holiday season yields as much contemplation as celebration. I blame it on left over vacation days that pile up to mini-sabbaticals, long train rides home and Definitely, Maybe ON DEMAND -- but, one can't help but feel nostalgic when riffling thru their inbox to find sweet communications from romanTECH loves past that make it oh so tempting to romanticize these relationships. If only he didn't ask me to order our movie tickets on Fandango and then never offer to pay....

In the spirit of the season, my inbox has been hit with some out of the blue communications from romanTECH interests-08. But are these "e"-unions sincere or the result of office closings until January 5th leaving ex boos with time on their hands to plot a last minute New Year's ball drop?

From simply stated "Merry Christmas" emails to obvious "wishing you the best this season" group texts from guys I haven't talked to since I got bangs -- I first thought these gestures were borderline obnoxious, but after more contemplation I realized that this sneaky tacTECH likely yields some serious romanTECH ROI. On the upside if your ex responds positively and things reignite you may not wind up at an all inclusive New Year's celebration at Capitale again. And if you don't hear back you could always rationalize by telling yourself that they thought they were receiving a group text and decided not to respond because it was so impersonal. Afterall, it's important to put in some effort.


  1. Did you want some wasabi with your tartare?

    I give this blog a giganTECH thumbs up.

  2. This is my favorite line "group texts from guys I haven't talked to since I got bangs." Happy (almost) new year!

  3. The question is whether the "bangs" line was an intentional double entendre, or an accidental one. Like the time I was invited to write and read a poem at my friend's wedding reception and unwittingly created a metaphor using the line, "And now you've opened up a new box." It wasn't until I finished that it occurred to me what the raucous laughs had been about.

    Have a great New Year, jewels!


  4. Out with the old, in with the new! It's 2009 and the idea of over romanticizing these past losers is nothing more than boring...I say delete the group texts and save room in your inbox for the new and improved dudes!! We only have so much time to throw around...

  5. forget the 08, bring in a new year and enjoy. Delete the boys from your life, and i'll delete the girls!
    best of luck in 09
    if you get time, please check out my blog!

  6. J, I did my friendly, yet personalized 2008 Happy Holidays texts and then decided to purge most of my cell phone numbers.

    There is a reason why you don't talk to said person anymore, there was nothing between either of you. If "timing" was an issue, it was just an excuse to date because you were selfish, scared, or jus to lazy to leave your TECH lifestyle.

  7. I hope you keep up with this blog, hon, cause I really enjoy reading it.