Monday, February 8, 2010

Beer Googles

If the people behind the Budweiser ads would have created Google's spot, "Beer Googles" would have been a likely title. But luckily they didn't, so instead of blows to the crotch and cleavage, Google gave us a welcome break from typical superbowl advertising and delivered an insightful and romanTECH spot titled Parisian Love. I know, I know...its a little Stuff White People Like: Studying Abroad in Paris, but the "e"-motional journey chronicaling a guy's search for a study abroad program all the way through his search for a church to get married in really got me choked up. Google, you (auto)complete me. And just in time for Vday.

1 comment:

  1. Good call Jewels.
    I, being a female SB watcher, also give Google props for creating an ad that appeals to men AND women. Yeah sure men are more likely to be watching the Super Bowl than women. However women comprise 39% of Super Bowl viewers - 33M of us.

    This commercial was not only among the best, but actually resonated with the entire audience of my Bowl party unlike the normal crotch-blows and cleavage Jewels cites:)