Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Crazy Year in Techromance

Happy almost 2010 everyone.

Instead of going to the gym I thought it would be fun to countdown some of the most outrageous moments in techromance this year. Let me know if anyone has any additions!

1. Tiger's not so hot sex messages: My two biggest techromance turnoffs are a) when suitors are overly confident and b) when they make grammar mistakes. This year Tiger Woods was guilty of both from poorly crafted messages like "I can't wait to see you to" to "i will were you out" showing big breasted women everywhere that Tiger's game best be left on the golf course.

2. "Altar"ing your facebook status at the altar: On December 2nd a groom whipped out his phone during his nuptials and changed his status to married. While I would normally commend romanTECH gestures this guy didn't tell his wife his plan. Let's hope he didn't surprise her by "poking" or "friending" other women at the reception.

3. The forever wedding dance + Chris Brown's history of domestic violence: Who didn't laugh and even get choked up as this wedding party awkwardly rocked down the aisle to Chris Brown's hit while strategically hiding their embarassment behind tacky sunglasses? The YouTube sensation stole America's heart, until people started to see the irony of kicking off a marriage with a song by an artist who was arrested for slapping around his significant other. FAIL.

4. Kim's sachrine tweets about reggie while relationship was crumpling: Perhaps she was trying to look on the bright side but critics slammed Kim Kardashian's sweet tweets the few weeks before her break up with Reggie. Mark Ecko's blog Complex does a hilarious read between the lines recap below:

WHAT KIM WAS REALLY THINKING: “If only they could bring up a side order of communication and honesty.”

5. A Totally Bad Ass Picture Text: And bringing up the rear is my favorite techromance story of 2009 involving, well, a picture of a girl's rear sent to my good friend. After she sent him her sexy thong-clad picture text we were all enamored of her tan and well shaped caboose. That is until he saw the date on the picture was June 17th....4 months before they started dating. This cheeky gone freaky act should remind us all that sexy pictures gone wrong can make us look like a total ass.

That's it dear readers. Here's to a romanTECH 2010!!! XOXO

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