Thursday, October 13, 2011

She's Just Not That Into You

This week a few unfortunate conversations with guy friends left me with a fortunate thought for women everywhere -- she's just not that into you could be the new he's just not that into you.

Although I felt for these blokes, the forever single girl in me was mildly satisfied to observe a power shift and watch guys, like many girls before them, fish for excuses for not getting their affections returned. Now when women make excuses for guys not showing them love they generally channel their creative problem solving skills to come up with reasons why. But when the tables are turned, I've heard guys hypothesize that perhaps the girl is just making them work for it. But most likely this is NOT the case. So for all my male readers and friends, she is not playing ultra hard to get -- she's just not that into you. 

She's Just Not That Into You If...

1. She responds to your text messages as "who's this" because she hasn't programmed you into her phone

2. You have a lot of "Hi"s with blank spaces under them directed to her on Facebook chat

3. She never bothers to cook you anything

4. She never bothers to pay for anything

5 Her ex boyfriend plays bass in a band you have actually seen in concert

6. You say "we need to go out." She says "definitely." You say "Wednesday?" She never responds.

7. She needs another "girls" night

8. She doesn't show up to your birthday party or comment on your photos from it

9. You try and sext her and she responds "LOL"

10. Her name is Amelie or Noel

11. The thought of you, her and third base immediately conjures up associations with ZogSports 

12. She's going to have a "big night" Saturday, but could be up to hang with you on Sunday

Ladies, do you agree?


  1. "You have a lot of "Hi"s with blank spaces under them directed to her on Facebook chat."

    Yes! Do they really think you never noticed the 5 notifications telling you that x said "Hi..."

  2. There is something so depressing about a lonely "Hi"

  3. As always... Brilliant and so true. I personally like #6

  4. He, he, he. Sext=LOL. So true.

  5. I'm a man who has run into problem number 6 before and all I have to say is why the fuck would you tell someone you'll go out with them if you have no intention of actually doing so. That is extremely insensitive to mess with a guy's emotions like that. I'm sure you justify it in your head by saying you don't want to hurt his feelings or something stupid like that. But in reality, 99/100 guys would rather you just said no so we could stop wasting our time and move on to the next one.

  6. Here's the truth: girls like the attention. In my younger years I would string guys along just to feel like I had options. It sucks, I know.

  7. ummm... i've gotten this in a text/sext


    and I'm a huge fan of ellipses, but c'mon... that's not even worthy of a friendly reply.

    and i second the stringing... it's fun to have someone that you know will text back when you're at a boring party :)