Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's Take This Conversation Offline...Seriously

Is anyone else getting bored with people that are all tech, no action -- because I am. Maybe "Fitty" said it best: "AYO I'm Tired of All This Technology, Why Don't You Sit On Top Of Me..." Though not a thug myself -- and not necessarily ready to make straddling my romatic call-to-action -- I am starting to embrace his no BS approach.

After my first date with "the object of my a(tech)tion" all signs pointed toward beaux (shame on me). Good convo peppered with forward-looking references "I love Mizu too, we'll have to go sometime," an offer of hitting up a second bar, a lady-like decline (by me) and of course the text, "Had fun, do it again?" moments after I got into the cab. This was a first date no brainer. NEVER did it cross my mind that I wouldn't see this dude again.

Maybe I should have seen it coming when he cut and pasted his grad-school graduation itinerary in an email to me days later (no joke) which culminated in a long weekend in Las Vegas. Still feeling optimistic about our hang-out, I endured 4 days of texting about the electric lemonade at Rehab and crafting e-mails with fun subject lines like "What happens in Vegas..." to which I got responses like "If I win big tonight I'm flying you out here." But when he retured home and was still all winks ;) and XOs, it was official: I was textually frustrated. So after some coaxing by a guy friend, who was sick of hearing me bitch, I woMANed-up with an e-mail that asked the logical question: "Are we going to hang out and see where this two-ring circus is going?" He responded with a prompt yes, suggested a day and then 2 days later, asked "Thursday won't work but I can do Friday and play into next week." At this point I respectfully declined a rain date...even though I liked the way he worded it.

I know, I know this tale is a bit of a bust, but I just didn't have it in me to keep communicating with a guy whose face I could only picture as a Facebook headshot. I mean I thought he was cute, but that picture could also be from undergrad. Guess I'll never know.


  1. Wait, so the guy who you were set up with by your mom after she was chatted up by his younger brother at the mall turned out to be a douche bag? You’re kidding! j/k. Dating has essentially become a commercial. Clever little sayings and slogans thrown out over text and e-mail, punctuated by flashy FaceBook and MySpace pages. I once had a 5 week courtship with a girl, mostly over text, who I thought was very bright… right up until she asked me about my job and made the comment, “Wait so if you own a stock does that mean you get free stuff from the company? Because I would totally buy Starbucks stock if it meant I could get free coffee anytime I wanted…”

  2. textually frustrated... is it better or worse than text sex?

  3. I'm bored with these "anonymous" posters. Sign your name, bitches.

    Anyway, this guy is a toolrod who obviously wants you to think he's busier than he really is. Men (and people in general) who do such things, usually want to feel some satisfaction that their life has meaning and purpose.

    OVER IT. Next....

  4. wow, you sound really high maintenance. you think he made up a schedule to email you? and he had to postpone the 2nd date by 1 more day? during his graduation? wow, yeah, sounds like a real douchebag. or toolrod as the most recent genius poster likes to say...

  5. Who are you calling a bitch Z? I am no one's bitch... except for maybe my cellmate..

  6. before this guy developed, makers of D-Bag Central were having a hard time finding a spokesperson. Anyone that emails you their daily itinerary just to point out that they DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOU is fucking tool shed!!!! Seriously, it only takes 10 mintues to tea bag a girl while you jack off on her tits, so if he can't make time, then drop him like VCR stock in 90s. Did I mention I hate people? Fuckers!

  7. i hate guys like this. don't EVEN get me started. dating is like so frustrating now with the mobile phones and the interweb. i wish i was from india so my parents could just pick out a real man for me. hey democracy now, the island is going to get you...

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  9. well said anonymous. this chick reminds me of kate and hurley. not too bright and well, you know.

  10. I've enjoyed reading this blog and have commented once, but I'm just
    putting the pieces together here. So, you had a good first date. He
    seemed eager to go out again. then you had a problem with him laying
    his schedule explaining why he was busy (seems a lot more courteous and
    respectful than "I'm busy for the next week" or however long it was).
    Then you had to "endure" playful texts while he was away in vegas.
    after eagerly responding that he'd like to go out, he had to push it
    back a day and you said no thanks. forever. In the meantime, you were
    bitching to your friend- despite the fact that he explained he was busy
    but wanted to go out after things settled down? Wow, yeah, he sounds
    like a real jerk. Or, maybe as Zlata says, he was just making things up
    to create some more meaning in his life. I'm just amazed by the
    knee-jerk reactions and immediate negativity. High maintenance = ending
    up alone. Unless you find some sucker to deal with it I guess.

    p.s. what's the difference between "anonymous" and "Zlata"? You want
    to string 5 letters together and make a user id to be more helpful? How
    about Mreko? That work? Or maybe your name is "Zlata". If that's the case, I feel sorry for your mother.

    Does anybody else think kate has a penis?

  11. I love how the d-bag was Jeremey and then he deletes his post. Maybe he was just too busy scheduling his next lunch at the Yale Club or refilling the toilet paper at Marquee, but whatever the reason, the days have come down for d-bags that want to pretend to be established while them and their parents struggle to pay for the next gallon of gas. Note to Jeremy: next time you are at the Yale Club for lunch, just remember, I am actually on a yacht with actually graduates that made it, BITCH!

  12. I've never really had anyone make fun of my name before. It's quite amusing that you'd feel sorry for my mother, though. Why is that? You're an idiot - you should have said you feel sorry for my future husband or my future daughter or something. My mother is the one who gave me the name - you moron.

    Democracy Now - I like your rationale on this tool shed TAKING OUT TIME to email his schedule about how he DOESN'T HAVE TIME.

    I mean, what's wrong with people?

    Anyway, Jeremiah, I'm over you and if I had the time to write out my schedule for today, you'd know I don't have time to entertain your bullshit comments to the hottie who writes the fantabulous blog.

    Peace out, bitcheZ.