Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I<3 Valentine's Day

Okay, I know that as a "single girl in the city" I'm well poised to hate on 2/14. Web site's like can make it seem almost-trendy to shrug off the Hershey kisses that "that girl" in your office will sprinkle on your desk. But I say don't drink the hater-ade. A wired V-day can make giving and getting love so easy that you won't spend a second of your precious day awaiting a delivery or develop a bad rep :) A funny e-card from a friend or a "heyyyyyyy sexy" wall post from your college crush, that just moved into town, may be enough to do the trick. Plus we can't deny that those frisky IMs from the rather reserved guy in your life can be interpreted as borderline adorable the week of V-day....if you're reading them correctly anyway.

Note to guys in relationships 2.0 (that means you're exclusive): we still <3 flowers. (Thanks to Diana for teaching me that trick at bowling last night, it will def come in handy tomorrow ;)

And how is this for a modern romance tale: A dear friend told me a story today about how his mother casually kept up with her highschool boyfriend -- a restauranter -- over e-mail for the past few years. One day out of boredom she decided to google (not stalk) him and read up on his different restaurants. Turns out his first restaurant was named Celsey's -- her maiden name. I don't know about you all, but that story makes me want to dial my highschool boyfriend's parents' line. Greg still lives there and I still remember their number by by heart as well as the digits for "his line," which I'm guessing (and hoping) is no longer connected. Wow, that talent seems archaic...memorizing landlines. Okay, hope you enjoyed this tale, but hope it doesn't drive you to do anything too crazy tomorrow. XOXO


  1. All I have to say is:

    Click it, bitchez.

  2. I don't know, being a V-day hater is so booooorrrriinng! With or without significant other I have always loved a day that is framed with red-hots and truffles. It's a time to love everyone in your life and not worry about your recent hook-up or FTD. I like your hometown reference, V-day can bring back some pretty strong memories and those high school boyfriends have a way of sticking to your ribs :)

  3. Agreed. Vday is great.

    Now, nasty public displays of affection are another thing.

    But, single as I am, I always enjoy Valentine's Day.

  4. OMG! I just realized I could be "that girl" who left hershey kisses on my coworkers' desks! Ugh! lol - jk! I am loving this blog btw. It helps me to feel like I'm still in your old office gossiping about love, life and everything else in the middle. Luv and miss ya!