Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Catch a Tiger

You go Elin.

First you won our hearts by getting crazy eyes and clubbing Tiger when you suspected he was cheating. Now you prove your prowess again by setting up a late night textual "booby" trap using Tiger's own phone to prove his affair.

Today the Daily Mail reports the back story behind how Elin discovered that Tiger was cheating. Apparently Elin was suspicious of his relationship with Uchitel. In a not so brilliant move to prove that he was "innocent" Tiger had Elin chat with Uchitel directly, you know to see that she was just your typicall-girl next door (did you catch that :). After their chat Elin played the blonde, Swedish, nanny card pretending she believed their relationship was platonic while pocketing Tiger's phone and texting Uchitel as if she were him later that night. Love the Tiger trap Elin!


  1. So Today I read Elin will try to work out their marriage difficulties? I say take the money and move on!

  2. Toats! She needs to write a tell all book. A sequel to Raising a Tiger....