Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trashing Your Ex Online

No one has ever gotten in trouble for talking sh*t about their ex, but if you write sh*t about your ex, well that's a different story. This week a man named Anthony Morelli, from Bucks County, PA was ordered to take down his blog because of the negative things he was saying about his ex wife.  The blog titled The Psycho Ex Wife--attracted 200K visitors per month and provided a forum for people to share stories about their PEWS (psycho ex wives). While he didn't mention his ex wife by name, he included biting comments about her appearance, personality and child rearing skills. See below for an excerpt.

She’s on the precipice of 40 and probably looks all 50-years of it. Imagine if you will, Jabba The Hut, with less personality. She spends her time ... drinking her days away bemoaning her victim status, when she isn’t stuffing the children with fast food, buying them toys, or pushing them towards the TV or computer.

While his primary defense is freedom of speech, this still feels like adult cyber-bullying, since he is not blogging anonymously. Plus he has two kids aged 8 and 10, who can clearly access the internet and read what he is saying. Can't he just get his issues out in a healthier forum--like a bar? What do you think? Is this guy a total a-hole or is it his constitutional right to use his blog to trash talk his ex?


  1. I'm glad the legal system is starting to take web sites like this more seriously. I never used to give much thought to adding my comments to a gossip site or blog. Now, with future employers and possible dates Googling and doing social media scrapes, I don't want to be partially responsible for someone not getting a job, losing a job or being dumped. Sites like DonDateHimGirl and the like are nothing but slander sites.

  2. Agreed. It seems like it's just putting a big pile of hate out there. Plus there's something incredibly pathetic about a 40 year old man that reverts to name-calling an ex.

  3. I couldnt agree more. My advice for this guy: Grow. A. Sack.