Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bridezillas on Facebook

It's wedding season and I'm pretty sure I have received more wedding invites and save the dates in the mail this summer than Chinese take out menus. That being said, I'm in full support of toasting the happy couples especially since that now extends to all of my gay friends in NYC.

Now it's always been typical for brides to get a bit carried away with their weddings--but with Facebook and social media at their fingertips there seems to be a new frontier for over sharing, counting down and "gently" reminding guests to book hotel rooms. But these Bridezillas 2.0 aren't the only ones in need of wedding netiquette--grooms and guests could also use some guidance. So what are the rules for tying the knot in a digital era? The line between tasteful and tacky can be subjective, but I've taken a stab at some "I Dos and Don'ts" based on observations from the past 11 weddings I've attended. What do you think?

For Brides and Grooms:

For Guests:


  1. I got engaged last week and the girl who introduced my fiancee and I called us out a few days later because she found out when a mutual friend said "congratulations" on facebook (not that we posted it). Unreal.

  2. What a bitch. At least you know who you don't have to invite to your wedding -- congrats by the way!

    One of my friends stalked me daily via text message with a wedding countdown, highlighting how many days I had left to book my travel. FAIL!
    These people need to be regulated!

  3. this stuff happens. not sure why people think others want a blow by blow of their weddings