Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Best of Techromance in 2011

2011 has been a hell of year for Techromance! From American Psycho-esque emails circulating on the web, to depressing divorces where twitter handles are part of the collateral damage--here is a round up of the hottest Techromance moments of the year.

1. BEST HASTAG: #ThingslongerthanKimsmarriage
You can't talk about the past year without talking about Kim's FairyFAIL wedding. Within hours of the announcement Twitter's trending hashtag #Thingslongerthankimsmarriage allowed all of us to join in on the cyber-trashing.  Here is a gallery of some of the funniest ones from the Gloss

2. DOUCHIEST EMAIL: Banker goes Ballistic for a Second Date
At a time when the entire world had reached a boiling point with privilege and entitlement, an investment banker sent a pompous email to a girl after being rejected for a second date. His self-important, bullying tone captures everything wrong with the 1% and becomes living proof that women still dump men with money in NYC. Win!

Last June Anthony Weiner was not the first politician to be caught in a sex(ting) scandal, but he was the first politician with the name Weiner to be caught in a sex(ting) scandal. The results: internet hilarity + a moment for politicians to rethink their twitter literacy.

4. MOST INSPIRING MOMENT: Gay Marriage Passes in NY, Joy + Wedding Photos Follow
July 24th, 2011 was the first day that same sex couple could get married in NY and waves of happiness reverberated on the web. My favorite moments were happy Facebook statuses from friends sharing that their decade long relationships were now legally recognized, along with beautiful photos of couples making the traditional wedding ceremony their own. Here is a full gallery of nuptials curated by the Huffington Post and check out these two foxes below!

John and Lou in Beirut, 1952, and in 2006.


Though it's a social network, not a dating site, every time a girl asks me where she can go to meet guys outside of the usual dating sites, I exclaim Google+. With a gender split of 70% male to 30% female, Google+ is where the boys are on the web. Ps: That's Pete Cashmore, CEO and founder of Mashable for anyone who is wondering.

Was anyone surprised when Demi and her man-cub Ashton Kutcher split this year? Hell no. But what we weren't prepared for was how she held on to the relationship via Twitter. Just 3 weeks ago she shared a tweet so tender and honest, I almost stopped wanting to call her out for those ridiculously air brushed Ann Taylor ads.

As for what's come in the new year? I vote people under 35 will spend less time on Facebook and we will see a Law and Order episode based on a crime committed via Foursquare. No one ever said I was an optimist! What do you all predict?

Thanks for reading and for a fun year! May your holiday be filled with lots of love and new gadgets!

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